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Bourbon Rosé

La variété bourbon rouge et jaune a été l’une des plus recherchées par les amateurs de café, ses caractéristiques sucrées et fruitées ont mis à l’épreuve les meilleurs cafés de Colombie.

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The red and yellow bourbon variety has been one of the most desired by coffee lovers, its sweet and fruity characteristics have put the most delicious coffees in Colombia to the test. This variety from the Bourbon Islands (Réunion Island) and its subcategory of Pink Bourbon, was developed in Acevedo, Huila (Colombia) tapping into all its qualities in Colombian crops.

Its bright ripe fruity flavours, pronounced caramel and vanilla sweetness continue to be a differentiator from the other varieties of Arabica bean, which has managed to develop a sensory experience worthy of sweet and exotic coffees such as the ones enjoyed in Canada.

This product includes a measuring spoon inside each bag of coffee.



barista coffee Origin Huila, Colombia
barista coffee Process Washed
barista coffee Altitude 1,600 m.a.s.l
barista coffee Roast Medium
barista coffee Aroma Sweet and fruity
barista coffee Sweetness Sugar cane
barista coffee Acidity Citric and malic
barista coffee Body Juicy
barista coffee Flavour Sugar cane, tropical fruits, apple and floral
Cupping score 86.00

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